The journal focuses on the following aspects of teminology :

  • general (different aspects of special lexemes / terminological units analysis );

  • branch (study of terms and special notions of different areas of knowledge);

  • typological (comparative analysis of general characteristics and special features of terminology of different areas of knowledge);

  • comparative (comparative analysis of general properties and peculiarities of terms in different languages);

  • semasiological (research of conceptual organization and semantics of special vocabulary: development of terminological notions and hypothetical semantic phenomena);

  • onomasiological (of formal structure of terms and process of nomination and selection of the optimal nominative form);

  • historical (study of history of terminology and tendencies of its formation and development);

  • functional (study of functions of terms in different texts and various types of professional communication, peculiarities of terms usage in speech and computer systems);

  • cognitive, or epistemological (study of role of terms in scientific cognition and thinking).

Інститут української мови НАН України

вул. Грушевського, 4, Київ, Україна


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